Cyber Resilience is more powerful than cyber security.

It determines your ability to respond and recover from an attack.
We recognise that resilience needs to be company wide in order to be successful


Our products and services help improve your capability to respond and recover from a cyber attack or incident. We offer solutions to create workflows and company policies to follow if such a breach occurs. This makes your recovery time shorter and reduces your downtime costs. Being resilient requires you to be holistic and Protect, Detect and Correct.

Cyber Strategy

Once you have the data from assessments, it gives you a clear understanding of what strategies to put in place. Strategies are envisaged by the C level, but implemented by operations, our product bridges this gap, allowing for seamless collaboration to ensure maximum resilience and understanding, company wide.


Our training provides you with immediately applicable skills. Trained to use the tool and certified in global Best Practice. RESILIA is the global best practice framework for cyber resilience. We train you in the framework by using our product, you leave informed, certified and can immediately take control of your companies cyber future!


Using our innovative tools, we enable you to assess your companies current capability of your cyber resilience processes. The assessment leads to a snapshot/benchmark, this leads to creating a strategy and then implementation, using a single tool, we can help you transform your cyber resilience, in alignment with global Best Practice. Be less of a target, by identifying your weaknesses.

Who are we?

Cybrnon comprises experts in their respective fields. With background in application development, database engineering, cyber resilience and Infrastructure management, we have a solid base of skill that has come together to build this awesome team.

How it works.

1 We provide the necessary training and tools to educate and certify your staff in cyber resilience Best Practice. You can then identify and discover potential vulnerabilities and threats that pose a risk to your Vital Business Functions.

2 The Cybrnon tool also creates executable action plans that can quickly enable teams to respond and recover from a Cyber Attack should one occur, all based on your wisdom and experience of your companies capability.

3 Our tool qualifies and quantifies your risk showing measures where your company's strengths and weaknesses are which also calculates a resilience rating for audit and compliance, and an action plan for that fateful day...