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  • Designing an integrated cybersecurity approach to cloud migration strategies March 5, 2021
    In a paper released recently, “An integrated cyber approach to your cloud migration strategy,” Deloitte explores how an integrated cloud-cyber strategy enables organizations to use cyber as a differentiator, and outlines how cybersecurity teams must adapt.
  • NSA and CISA release cybersecurity guidance on strengthening cyber defense through protective DNS March 5, 2021
    The National Security Agency and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released a cybersecurity information sheet, “Selecting a Protective DNS Service." This publication details the benefits of using a Protective Domain Name System (PDNS), which criteria to consider when selecting a PDNS provider, and how to effectively implement PDNS.
  • Data privacy good governance and controls March 5, 2021
    With the inception of privacy regulatory laws and associated penalties, it has become mandatory for organizations to take necessary steps in establishing and implementing a strong privacy risk management framework. Inadequate, or the lack of, a risk management framework may present numerous organizational risks.
  • Will AI malware change the game? March 5, 2021
    The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity, while often overhyped, is not a new concept. Hackers have included countermeasures in malware since its inception to detect runtime environments or sense detection attempts. Early actions were primitive compared to what we know today, but they laid the groundwork for more critical thought about adaptive and […]
  • 2021 Electronic Security Expo goes virtual March 5, 2021
    The 2021 edition of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX), an annual education and networking event dedicated to professionals from the electronic security and life safety industry, will be conducted virtually out of consideration for the health and well-being of participants. Renamed the ESX 2021 Virtual Experience, the event will take place exclusively online from June […]
  • Beware skyrocketing ransomware March 4, 2021
    Ransomware – a cyberattack in which attackers hijack computer systems and demand payment to release them – has skyrocketed from a relative rarity a few years ago to the single biggest type of cybercrime today. And there is no end in sight to its growth trajectory. Last year, 2,354 American government entities, healthcare organizations and […]
  • The integration of small business cybersecurity protection and cyber insurance: An emerging trend in 2021 March 4, 2021
    Now more than ever before, the small business sector is beginning to prioritize cybersecurity and cyber liability insurance to mitigate potential crippling financial risk, which is setting the stage for a major trend moving forward: the merging of cybersecurity technology and insurance to mitigate insurer’s risk and provide the best overall coverage for small businesses.
  • Why schools need to incorporate endpoint management into their proactive cybersecurity strategy for 2021 and beyond March 4, 2021
    Education is particularly attractive to criminals because of the vast amount of valuable data it holds: student and staff information, supplier information, alumni databases, and research data - so, as security experts, what’s to be done to help schools secure their endpoint devices?
  • 16Shop adds phishing kit to target cash app users March 4, 2021
    The developer of the 16Shop phishing platform added a new component that targets users of popular Cash App mobile payment service, according to reports. 
  • The Open Security & Safety Alliance announces camera cybersecurity specification and alliance council for app developers March 4, 2021
    The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA), an industry body comprised of stakeholders from all facets of the security, safety and building automation space, announced two important developments to help pave the road towards trustworthy and innovative security and safety solutions. First, a new specification is now available to members that focuses on camera cybersecurity […]

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  • March 2021 Patch Tuesday forecast: Off to an early start March 5, 2021
    Microsoft got an early start on Patch Tuesday, releasing a series of out-of-band security updates this week to address four zero-day vulnerabilities in Exchange Server. There’s been a lot of security activity in the news, so I’m sure it is going to be a busy Patch Tuesday. The Microsoft Security Response Center reported known attacks […]
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  • Risky business: 3 timeless approaches to reduce security risk in 2021 March 5, 2021
    Since the COVID-19 pandemic drove workforces home, we’ve seen an increase in security risk across the board: from an increase in phishing and spear phishing attacks to an increase in reliance on third-party DNS-over-HTTPS resolver use and sophisticated nation-state attacks like the one that hit SolarWinds. The gap between what organizations are trying to protect […]
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  • Credential exposure trends: You need a better password March 5, 2021
    SpyCloud researchers recovered more than 4.6 billion pieces of personally identifiable information and nearly 1.5 billion stolen account credentials from 854 breach sources in 2020, the company announced in its 2021 Credential Exposure Report. Credential exposure trends The number of breach sources increased 33% over 2019, with an average 2020 breach size of 5,455,813 records. […]
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  • Cybercriminals increasingly impersonate business-related apps March 5, 2021
    Cybercriminals have wasted little time in capitalizing on the vulnerabilities that come with remote work, and their attacks have been highly targeted, with a focus on business-related apps, according to GreatHorn. Business-related applications, those that have allowed employees to collaborate and stay productive over the past year, are by far the most frequently impersonated by […]
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  • To support a growing remote workforce, the public sector turned to the cloud March 5, 2021
    Nutanix announced the global public sector industry findings of its report, measuring organizations’ plans for adopting a private, hybrid and public cloud. The findings point to a concentrated modernization effort throughout the sector over the past few months, with 70% of respondents saying COVID-19 has caused IT to be viewed more strategically in their organizations. […]
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  • In the digital economy, computing power defines productivity March 5, 2021
    Global digital transformation has entered a phase marked by exponential growth in innovation, with the size of the digital economy projected to continue on an upward trend. As a key factor that underlies digital technology development, computing is now defining the productivity of the digital economy era. According to an IDC whitepaper, economic growth directly […]
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  • CrowdStrike Falcon platform enhancements improve SOC efficiency March 5, 2021
    CrowdStrike announced enhancements to the CrowdStrike Falcon platform that significantly improve Security Operations Center (SOC) efficiency and effectiveness, allowing security teams to focus on critical priorities and fortify their organizations’ proactive stance against cyber threats. CrowdStrike customers can accelerate their security operational response with new notification workflows and Real Time Response (RTR) capabilities within the […]
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  • Awake’s NDR platform strengthens cybersecurity across cloud, hybrid and IoT environments March 5, 2021
    Awake Security, the network detection and response (NDR) security division of Arista Networks unveiled platform enhancements that strengthen its ability to detect advanced threats, protect the unmanaged attack surface and autonomously perform threat hunting and forensic investigations. Enhancements also include new features that make the platform even more intuitive for security analysts at all levels. […]
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  • Attivo offers solution for preventing the misuse of Active Directory March 5, 2021
    Attivo Networks announced the expansion of its Active Directory protection suite of products with a new and innovative way to discover and remediate exposures in Active Directory (AD) that could lead to breaches. Active Directory is a directory service used by over 90% of all enterprises for employee authentication, identity management and access control. It […]
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  • SIRP’s SOAR platform helps organizations reduce incident response time March 5, 2021
    SIRP announced the launch of its SOAR-as-a-Service offering. The cloud-based model provides a fast, flexible solution for enterprises and MSSPs who can access its single, centralised interface to gain valuable intelligence and context on threats, reducing incident response times from hours to minutes. SIRP’s SOAR platform is designed to help organizations struggling with a growing […]
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